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Buffet Style Menu available for large parties of 10 top and up!! Price range $27 - $35 per person
Prix-Fixe Packages, ranges from $35 - $55 per person.

All varies; depending on the party size, choice of meal or service!!

Our chef/host have worked in various casual settings to finest michelin restaurant in NYC for the past decade. Such as Le Bernadin, Jean George, BR Guest group, Hi-life, Papillion, Soho House, Beppe, Craft, Wallse etc. Mostly as front of the house staff. So service and customer satisfaction is the key.


Full-service catering with the warmth and tradition of African Celebration, our expertise is East African cuisine influenced by Arab and Indian cuisine..

Kenyan food is spicy, rich and diversified, from meats to vegetables to hearty starches. Here are some sample menu of the many dishes Sherekea Catering can prepare for your event: 

Share a great meal with family and friends..

Sherekea catering appeals to those who wish to reflect sophistication in their menu and service, whether is cooking at home with Akinyi for an intimate surprise dinner for two, casual dinner, a formal dinner, company picnic, birthday party, or for cinema production needs or just because dinner. 

We are here to tailor a menu that fits your desire  budget; or create the perfect menu for your party, whether it is traditional Kenyan feast or a fusion of New Global Cuisine, Vegetarian, Vegan or with option of dietary restrictions such as food allergies.  

Sherekea catering will make an essential difference for each guest and make your event a success. 


Akinyi Achieng performed with various bands in U.S.A Soukous bands, Afro beats, Benga & Lingala.

Sherekea Dance Company performs East African &  Modern music from Congo. Sherekea Dance is versed in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Women's Traditional dance is very grounded and sensual, and the mans dance is vigorous and athletic. The costumes are colorful made of sisal, animal skin and bird’s feathers. 
Sherekea Dance Troupe has performed all over the United States in the past years. In Theatrical settings like Museum of Natural History, New York’s Central Park, The United Nations, as well as events like weddings, and private parties.

  • 2001- 2002 Akinyi taught dance classes at Djoniba Dance School
  • 2005 Workshops classes at Museum of Natural History 
  • 2002- Dance classes for adults & children at Beverly Woods Dance Center Theater 
  • 2006 - After school programs at Mind Builder Creative Art Center 
  • 2006 - 2008 Chiku Awali of Rockland.
  • 2012 -2014 Private classes at different venues or one on one classes.

Instructor Achieng  gives dance classes and workshop for women, men and children's groups. 


African music has traveled across many oceans and has influenced the music and culture of many regions. 

Although Sherekea Dance Troup performs dances from East Africa, Sherekea Music has the luxury of a deep network of professional musicians of many styles and African countries.

Be it: Soukous, Rumba, West African Djembe Style from Guinea, or Sabar style from Senegal, African Rumba, Lingala, Afro beats, Benga the list goes on and on.

Let Sherekea  plan the music for your next event or arrange for music or dance workshops for your group




 ** Samosas ** 
vegan, meat or chicken

** Nduma **
Malanga - Chips,/Fries or side dish

** Soup **

** Kachumbari **
Salsa salad - onions, tomatoes, chili, lemon/lime & cilantros

Mandazi *
doughnut like dish

** (LB) Lupita Burrito or (MK) MexiKenya **
tortilla or chapati wrap - beans, veggies & kachumbari


** Githeri **
 Plain or Spicy Beef stew - with potato, corn, beans & African spices



Tilapia *
 Grilled or fried 

  * Beef stew *
 With African spices

  * Nyama choma *
Roasted or Grilled beef

* Chicken stew *
Baked, roasted or curry

  * Lamb*  grilled or Stew * Liver - Chicken or Beef - Fried with African spices*

  * Chicken masala *


**Ugali or fufucorn meal ** Chapati - flat bread ** PilauVegetarian, beef or chicken** 

**Cassava or Yuca cooked plain or with coconut milk ** Potatoes - Baked, fried or mashed*

** Sukuma wiki - collard green ** Kale - Sauteed ** CabbageCooked or slaw** 

** Mokimo - Potatoes mix with peas & spinach **Maragwe - Beans or chick peas** 

** Matoke-Plantain - Baked, deep fried or steamed ** Githeri - Beans, maize & potatoes** 

** Mrenda-Okra- Fried or Cooked ** 


**Assorted Flavors of sorbet**

 **Fruit salad**

* Coupe Mount Kenya *
Diced pineapples marinated in rum on mango ice cream w/pistachios - 

*Maziwa ya kuganda - ​Sour skimmed milk-(The after-dinner digestives)*

** 2 stars on every dish - Means Vegan or can be made without dairy or meat ingrediants.