Sample Menu


vegan, meat or chicken

  - A root found in Africa and South America called (Malanga) in spanish -Chips or Fries 


 Salsa salad - onions, tomatoes, chili, lemon/lime & cilantros

 fried doughnut like dish
** (LB) Lupita Burrito or (MK) MexiKenya **

Tortilla or chapati wrap - beans, veggies & kachumbari( this is named after Lupita Nyongo) - credit By Akinyi

Plain or Spicy Beef stew - with potato, corn, beans & African spices
*Oxtail stew* 

Tomatoes, onions, garlic & African spices

* Tilapia *

Grilled Baked or fried 
*Beef stew*

 Tomatoes, onions, garlic & African spices
 *Nyama choma*

 Dry, Roasted or Grilled beef
*Chicken stew*

Baked, roasted or curry

 grilled or Stew 

* Liver*

 fried dry 

*Chicken or Beef* 

Fried with African spices*
*Chicken masala*

**Ugali or fufu** -( 
starchy dish made of corn meal, eaten with stews meat or veggies )            **Chapati** - fried flat bread like          **Pilau**Rice w/ Veggies, Beef or Chicken 
**Cassava or Yuca** -
 Root vegetables cooked plain or with coconut milk 

** Potatoes** - Baked, fried or mashed
** Sukuma wiki** 
collard green ** Kale** - Sauteed, **Cabbage** - Cooked or cole slaw salad
- Potatoes mix with peas & spinach **Maragwe** - Beans or chick peas** 
** Matoke** 
Plantain** Baked, deep fried or steamed  **Githeri** Beans, maize & potatoes** 
** Mrenda-Okra**- 
flash fried sticks or cooked with spinach ** 

**Assorted Flavors of sorbet**
 **Fruit salad**
* Coupe Mount Kenya *
Diced pineapples marinated in rum on mango ice cream w/pistachios - 
*Maziwa ya kuganda* -
Sour skimmed milk-(The after-dinner digestives)*
** 2 stars on every dish - Means Vegan or can be made without dairy or meat ingrediants.