Sherekea "means" celebrate in Swahili language.

Sherekea concept was founded based on African Culture. In Africa a celebration is not complete without, music, dance and food. They are inseparable. One does not invite someone to a celebration without an offering of food, since celebration is about being alive and food in abundance is a luxurious part of life.

Akinyi came to the United States in the early 90's . 
In 2004 Akinyi formed Sherekea, an East African Dance and Event Company. Like many immigrants, Akinyi's work helped to support her immediate family back home but all the while she dreamed of making a greater impact.

While performing and hosting at various events throughout New York, she began to realize that the people coming to the Sherekea shows and events cared about the conditions in Africa and African culture.

In 2008 Akinyi  also incorporated a charity a not-for-profit organization, extending financial aid gathered from events, profits towards the education and well-being of children, women, communities and schools in Kenya and throughout Africa, as well as being involved in various events involving Activism for AIDS awareness and other issues. 
Besides her work with the Sherekea group, Akinyi currently works in food, beverage & hospitality industry and continues to promote African culture by hosting monthly events around New York.

Akinyi has worked with the finest chefs and restaurants in New York City, such Le Bernadin (Chef Eric Ripert), Jean George, BR Guest Group, Beppe, and Wallse (chef Kurt Gutenbrunner). Working with such a wide array of creative chefs and restaurants has helped to inspire her throughout her journey with the love of food, the art of cooking and understanding the value of service within the hospitality industry.

Sherekea catering appeals to the food adventurous and those who reflects sophistication in their menu and services, whether is cooking at home with Akinyi for an intimate surprise dinner for two, casual dinners and all type of parties. 


Vivian Akinyi Achieng