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A Taste of East African Culture!
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"Sherekea" means "Celebrate" in Swahili language

Sherekea was created in 2004....
Sherekea it's about celebrating African culture- food, music, dance and life!
In Africa a celebration is not complete without music, dance, and food. Music, dance and food are inseparable. In Africa one does not invite someone to a celebration without an offering of food, since celebration is about being alive and food in abundance is a luxurious part of life. 
At Sherekea we offer you the chance to witness African celebration at it's finest by bringing the sounds, sights and flavors of our celebration to you... There are many ways you can help and support us in our ambitions:

Sherekea’s services arise from the founders experience in music and dance as well as her experience in the hospitality industry. Sherekea group, also incorporated a charity a not-for-profit organization, extending financial aid gathered from events, profits towards the education and well-being of children , women, communities and schools in Kenya  and throughout Africa, as well as being involved in various events involving Activism for AIDS awareness and other issues. Some of the services Sherekea provides are:
Dance Classes
Full-service Catering
East African Cooking Classes
Event Planning
African Costume and Props Rental

 Upcoming Events & Activities!!!!!

A Taste of Africa

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