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Sherekea NYC- Based Catering Company Serving the Best in East African Cuisine. Our expertise is East African Food influenced and inspired by Mediterranean and Indian Cuisine. With our innovative designs and wide range of available styles, we can help you plan the event of your dreams and offer you a memorable experience.


At Sherekea we offer you the chance to witness African celebration at it's finest by bringing the flavor and spices of our celebrations to you. Sherekea's services arise from the founder's experience in food and beverage industry for the past 11 years.

We specialize in creative, custom catering menus - a traditional Kenyan feast or tailoring  to your wishes; we explore our culinary reach within and beyond the African continent- adding a modern flair along the way and utilizing solid techniques and authentic spices and ingredients. We offer our clients a fusion of sweet and savoy delicacies bursting with a purposeful flavor, with option of dietary restrictions such as food allergies or vegan. It is our pleasure to create a unique menu tailored perfectly for your taste and desired budget. Whatever your event; we can make it special - small or large, casual or elegant, cinema production, birthday parties, cooking and dinning with Akinyi- whatever your dreams, we will make your occasion an unforgettable experience....